Emotional Dog Story

However, the staff at the New England Humane Society wanted to make sure that Ashlyn’s final days would be worth it. Doctors gave her just a couple of more weeks before she would pass away, so everyone decided to make to most of it.

The shelter staff found a perfect home for Ashlyn, but there was only one problem: her new family was located more than 600 miles away.

Source: Tracy Lander

The shelter had no means of getting her there relatively quickly, as the pup also didn’t really have much longer to live either. However, there is one man who stepped in in a miraculous way.

Paul Steklkenski is the owner of Flying Fur Animal Rescue and a trained pilot, and he promised to get Ashlyn there quickly.

Source: Tracy Lander

The plane trip itself was already a highlight for the adorable four-footer.

Paul shared a number of pictures of himself and also his buddy airborne and it’s just definitely lovable and amazing to see. You can clearly inform that Ashlyn is enjoying herself airborne, although it did take a couple of minutes to obtain utilized to. Whenever the puppy did really feel a little bit unpleasant in the air, Paul treated her with canine biscuits.

“She started off a little bit distant,” the pilot said to The Dodo  “Then she would kind open up a bit, and she got closer.”

Source: Tracy Lander

“Then she gave me one paw and then the other,” he recalls.

“Then she laid her head on my lap……..

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