Emotional Dog Story

Pilot flies 600 miles to terminal shelter for a dog to spend her last days with a loving family

However, not all shelters family pets live a happy end. Ashlyn, a cute elderly dog that has been living at a sanctuary in North Carolina for a number of months, was lately identified with cancer.

Source: Tracy Lander

The inadequate four-footer just had a number of even more days to live, but a pilot saw to it that her last days were loaded with love.

It all started when Ashlyn felt a bit down one day, and it quickly became obvious that she suffered from an illness. Veterinarians diagnosed her with cancer, and there were even numerous tumors underneath the skin.

Source: Tracy Lander

At one point, poor Ashlyn didn’t even have the energy anymore to run or play.

However, the staff at the New England Humane Society wanted to make sure that Ashlyn’s…….